Learn how to identify the tracks of medium-sized mammals
Here’s some suggested species that are easy to find
Here's a recommended list for the 20 best titles

February 2023

Home tips for severe cold, ice, and snow events
Learning to track animals opens up a whole new world
Disconnecting from your device helps you reconnect to nature
You can learn to interpret species vocalizations and other behaviors
One of the five voices of bird language

January 2023

An advanced bird language concept

December 2022

Senior tracker and instructor Preston Taylor discusses his experiences of trailing animals, the scientific value and personal enjoyment gleaned from it…

November 2022

Senior tracker and instructor Matt Nelson discusses what encompasses wildlife tracking, why it's valuable to science, what it can teach you about animal…

October 2022

Survival Instructor Matthew Hunter discusses what is meant by modern wilderness survival, how it differs from primitive living skills, and some…